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The MSU-BC Logo


The Seal
This is the emblem of the Mindanao State University showing the essence of its existence.

The Name
The name of the Campus is positioned in a circle form, which symbolizes the pride of the people of Sibugay of its existence and its advent canopies the four main thrusts of the Mindanao State University System: instruction, research, extension and production. The ten protrusions around the circle represent the present four provinces and six cities which were traditionally part of the Sibugay region to which the Unit shall extend its services.

The MSU System Logo
At the center is the main part of the seal of the Mindanao State University. Its position in the center signifies that the existence of the Campus in this region carries the philosophy, vision, and mission of the Mindanao State University System as the supra regional university of the country.

Enclosure of the main thrusts of the Campus
Enwrapped are five symbols which signify its different main concerns. At the bottom is the emblem for education, the first thrust of the Campus. At the right side are symbols for science and technology and at the same time means research. At the left is the symbol for social sciences and it also means extension services. Enclosed thereat is also a dove that symbolizes peace, one of the main concerns of MSU. The two enclosures at the top are symbols for agriculture and forestry that symbolize production, the fourth thrust of the campus.